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we are already powering up

Omnicharge Already Powering

“Honestly, this might just revolutionize the way we design classrooms”

- Director, IT Support Services

“ The Omnicharge solution has been largely hands-off for my staff, and students really appreciate the flexibility of taking them whenever and wherever they want.”

- Lending and Reserve Services, Penn State University

For Penn State University's case study with Omnicharge, click HERE.

Features and Capabilities

Infrastructural cost savings

No construction crews and no electricians needed. With the Omnicharge Power Station, one outlet is turned into ten.

Preserve the flexibility in your spaces

With one single wall outlet, the power station can be installed in any space making it easy to change locations at any time for free.


Users simply download the Omnicharge app to checkout, activate and return chargers allowing organizations more maintenance flexibility.

Increased productivity

Once the power stations fully charge all ten chargers within 3 hours, users can check out chargers on their own time and continue with their on-the-go lifestyle. No more being reliant on being stuck to a wall outlet!

Theft Prevention

By utilizing Omnicharge’s app, collateral is collected to ensure chargers are returned giving organizations peace of mind.

Smart Hardware

Omnicharge’s chargers are embedded with a connected app so organizations can check on user stats in real time and continually modify locations.


With its Patented 11-Layer Power Protection System, the power stations contain built-in software with multiple sensors to monitor both safety and reliability. In other words, organizations can rest easy knowing that each charger will be maintained at a safe level for people to use at all times.

Omnicharge Power station

Omnicharge Power Station

Technical Specifications

  • Recharge time: All batteries will recharge in 3 hours
  • Requirements: Standard power outlet and Wi-Fi connection
  • 1 Power Station: 10 Omnicharge portable chargers
  • Size: 21” x 7” x 5.5”
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Power Draw: 11 amps (when batteries are fully discharged)
  • Wi-Fi and cellular enabled


Key Features

  • 120V AC standard three prong North American NEMA 5-15 outlet
    (230V AC C/F/A socket type for European version)
  • 100W Output
  • 2 USB Ports with rapid charging (QC 3.0 compatible)
  • Patented Power Protection System™
  • The OLED screen displays everything in real-time
  • 20,400 mAh capacity
Omnicharge Omni 20 Key Features

What you can charge

What You Can Charge With Omnicharge


The Omnicharge Power Station is built on a powerful software platform enabling more than just its shareability. The comprehensive IoT solution consolidates actionable data into a unified dashboard allowing its customers to monitor and manage charger inventory, the health and wellness of chargers and generates valuable usage statistics.

Omnicharge Cloud-connected Intelligent Charger

Power at your fingertips

Using the intuitive mobile app, users can seamlessly borrow portable power and organizations can keep track of chargers for theft prevention, making the Omnicharge Power Station a truly self-service solution.

Omnicharge Power At Your Fingertips

How it works

  1. Download the mobile app
  2. Create an account
  3. Activate an Omnicharge
  4. Return it to the station when finished
Omnicharge Power Station

power station

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Specifications & Setup

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Do the batteries need to be administered by university personnel?

What is the tablet used for?

Take & Return

How do users know which charger to take?

How do users know their charger has been returned successfully?

Do you need a phone to use the Omnicharge?

What if a user does not plug in a charger when they bring it back to the station?

Who is responsible for lost, damaged, or defective chargers?

Cloud-Service Support

How do you provide remote support?


Omnicharge Warranty Policy

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