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The Omni Power Station is designed for today’s forward thinking organizations that understand the need to provide portable power access to their teams so they can power anything, anywhere; on or off campus without being tethered to fixed infrastructure constraints. Our power solution brings the latest in charging technology to provide users a portable yet versatile power source to complete their mission.

Powering The Next Wave of Digital Student Nomads


Tech ready higher education institutions are a rarity. With buildings erected anywhere from 50 to over 100 years ago, infrastructure upgrades are almost always necessary for today’s digitally savvy students. The more devices on campus, the higher the demand for accessible power grows and those electrical retrofits can be expensive.

Flexible Power Access For All Companies


Corporate environments have seen the lines of work technology and personal devices blur. As more devices make their way into the workplace, reliable access to power up those tablets, laptops and smartphones are at the core of IT professionals’ responsibilities. As employees increasingly are using more devices, power access will continue to be a compounded problem.

Powering YOUR Next Wave of consumers


Typical consumer carries upwards of three devices each and if there are approximately 175 people in the dealership between car service, car purchasing and sales people, this could mean there are 525 devices that may need a charge throughout the day.

Keep Every Conference Attendee Charged Up


Every outlet on a conference floor is typically coveted by exhibitors and presenters. When it comes to attendees looking to charge up between speakers or on their lunch break, huddling around the one outlet in the corner just won’t cut it. To provide attendees with a quality conference experience, event organizers must now find reliable access to power for all.

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