Omnicharge’s new power pack sports a swappable battery

Depending on your portable power needs and propensity for lower-back pain, the Omni Ultimate is either a godsend or something wholly ridiculous. The new power pack from L.A.-based Omnicharge has certainly charged up its fans, however, having raised north of $1 million on Indiegogo — nearly 2,000 percent of its initial goal.

The Ultimate appears to live up to its name, with a 40,300 mAh battery that’s swappable, so you’re never out of juice. It’s got an AC outlet, two full-size USB ports, one USB-C and DC in/out.

It’s also, as you’d expect, a downright beast of a thing and could probably serve as a weapon in a pinch. Fittingly, you probably won’t be able to take it on a plane with you. It’s not cheap, either, at $350 for early backers and $399 for those who pick it up, standard retail. The extra batteries, meanwhile, run $150 a pop. It’s shipping now for early backers and could be a lifesaver for long outdoorsy trips.


The company’s also releasing a trio of far more portable Omni Mobile Series chargers ranging from 3,000 to 26,800 mAh, the latter of which is the upper threshold for flights here in the States. There’s also a Pro mobile that sports wireless charging. Those hit Indiegogo later this month and will start shipping in March.

Omnicharge is also bringing wireless and USB-C to its flagship Omni 20 in mid-February.

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