Setting Up Your
Omnicharge Station


Omnicharge Power Station, 10 x Omni 20, AC Power Cable & Quick Start Guide


Step 1

Place the Omni 20’s into the open bays with the sticker side facing upwards.

Step 2

Press the power button on each Omni 20.

Step 3

Plug the AC power cable into the base of the Power Station and connect the other end to the wall socket. 

If the station is powered on, each power bank LCD screen will display a battery icon. If the battery icon does not appear, try pulling the charger out of the bay and placing it back into the bay and make sure it is fully seated. If the problem persists, contact support at

Connect your power station
to the internet 
Only applicable to software upgraded Power Stations

Ethernet ( Step 1 – 3 )

Step 1

Plug the station into ethernet that will provide a DHCP lease and access to the internet.

Step 2

Power on the station.

Step 3

Log into the SmartCenter with credentials provided by the customer success team and confirm that the station is listed as online.

WiFI ( Step 4 – 6 )

Step 4

Click the configure button next to the station (not shown if station is offline)

Step 5

Log in to the wifi configuration page and setup your wifi.

Step 6

Unplug the ethernet and deploy the station.

Make sure the power station has arrived with it’s signage adhered to the front of the unit and that each charger has a sticker indicating the user instructions.
Chargers may arrive initially fully discharged. Before testing, allow chargers to power for at least an hour.


Step 1

To test the chargers, download the Omnicharge mobile app onto a smartphone or tablet. Visit to download.

Step 2

Once the app is downloaded, create an account which can be done with either an email, Google or Facebook.

Step 3

Prior to activating a charger, valid debit/credit card information will be required for collateral purposes.

* Step 3 is optional, based on how the customer wants their chargers configured.

Step 4

After account creation, follow the remaining app instructions to activate a charger. Once activated, the charger should power on and allow devices to be charged up. (Rental receipts are emailed out to renters each time a charger is obtained with information on when the it’s due back to the station)


Access to the SmartCenter will provide information on usage statistics, station connectivity status(es) and inventory management. If an email from our Customer Care Team has not been sent, please email

Login using the credentials provided by the “Customer Care Team” team


Now that the Power Station is connected and the power banks are fully charged, it’s time to deploy!
Here are some key points to know before deploying the power station:

Step 1

Make sure the Power Station is highly visible. This will allow users to easily locate a Power Station to rent and or return chargers.

Step 2

Make sure the Power Station is connected to the internet and has good WiFi signal strength.

Step 3

Effectively communicating the availability of the new service will help drive higher and regular usage. We recommend using social media channels to tell users the service is available as well as some basic steps on how to get started.

Power Station App​

How to Use App


Learn more about Omnicharge Power Station

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