The last thing you want is a dead laptop with no way to charge it. Understand how long power banks last so you aren't caught on empty.

When you depend on a portable power solution to power your devices, you need to know how long it will last. A short charge life restricts your device usage. You don't want to worry about your dwindling battery supply while you still have work to do. Unfortunately, you have probably experienced getting caught without power, and you already know it can be far worse than a mere inconvenience.

Using a portable power source isn't that helpful if you are never sure how much power you have left. So how long does a power bank last? The short answer: it depends.

In this post, you'll learn the factors that affect power bank lifespan. You will see how power ratings and output voltage translate into charge time for your devices, and some steps you can take to extend the life of your battery pack. Knowing what to expect will help you thoroughly enjoy the freedom and convenience of using portable power.

How Long is a Power Bank Lifespan?

It is helpful to think about the power bank lifespan in terms of charge cycles. A charge cycle occurs when you have used the amount of power equal to your battery pack's total capacity. Understand that you only want to partially discharge your lithium-ion batteries because completely draining them will shorten their life. You will read more about that later, but it is worth noting upfront because it is a frequent cause of shortened battery life and cell damage.

The charge cycles are cumulative, so if you use 80 percent of your power bank capacity, charge it up, and then use another 20 percent, the result is one charging cycle.

You can expect about 500-1,000 charging cycles from a high-quality power bank. The kinds of devices you can recharge and how many times you can replenish them depend on the type of power bank, its capacity, and power ratings.

It's helpful to start by analyzing why you need a portable power delivery system. For example, will something from the category of small portable chargers satisfy your need to charge mobile phones occasionally? Perhaps you require a high-capacity power bank that can charge your phone, laptop, and other devices. Or, you plan to be off the grid for a while, which means you need the extra capacity to charge your devices multiple times.

Check out this guide on selecting a portable power source to help find one that fits your needs.

What To Look for in Premium Power Banks

The popularity and need for remote power sources have led to a flood of inexpensive, poorly made portable chargers. How long does a portable charger last? It depends on the manufacturer and if they target a market of serious users or not. Don't confuse these lower-end products with high-quality modern power solutions of any size or capacity—they are not the same.

A large capacity power bank with a low-efficiency rating won't work as well as you expected. The "loss" due to poor design transfers to additional heat that further weakens batteries and shortens their life.

Stick with durable power banks built to reduce efficiency loss to avoid these issues. This decision will help you enjoy extended battery life and a charger that functions well with lasting power.

1. Power Ratings

When discussing power banks, power rating translates directly into storage capacity. Therefore, the higher the power rating, the longer the battery life will last in the charger while charging devices.

The typical smartphone requires somewhere between 2000 to 3000 mAh to charge fully. So, you should get ten charges from a 20000mAh power bank in theory. However, you will probably get closer to 5 or 6 charges in reality. Due to inefficiencies and power drain, plan for about two-thirds the number of charges in the real world than you would expect in a lossless universe.

2. Output Voltage

Voltage is the amount of "push" an electrical current has behind it. The voltage determines which devices you can charge with power banks. For example, a higher output voltage allows you to charge larger-capacity devices like laptops. Higher voltage also means taking advantage of wireless charging and other fast charging options.

Tips To Extend the Life of Your Battery Packs

Getting the most use and extended life out of power banks requires you to pamper them a little. Mistreating your batteries, letting them get too hot, and leaving them on the charger after they reach total capacity can decrease their lifespan. Following these suggestions should help your battery packs and device batteries last longer.

1. Don’t Keep Your Devices Charged at 100%

Charging your devices to total capacity is hard on the batteries and will shorten their lifespan. It's also hard on the power bank because it keeps outputting even when the battery is full. The result is extra heat that deteriorates the battery cells over time.

2. Don't Let Your Power Bank Battery Hit 0%

Letting your power bank batteries completely drain will eventually damage them. Each time you let your battery pack go to zero voltage, you reduce its capacity slightly. Eventually, the reduced capacity will be significant.

3. Keep Away From Extreme Heat and Cold

It is best to protect your power banks from getting too hot or cold. Heat shortens battery lifespan, and cold weather causes batteries to drain more quickly.

Find a Powerful Bank That Charges All Your Devices

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By Omni Team


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