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The struggle every digital nomad faces is finding the perfect spot to set up their portable workspace that also happens to be within charging cable distance of an outlet. It’s...

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A new product called the Omnicharge, currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, charges any device through a standard AC/DC (120V AC and 150V DC) power plug and has two USB ports to juice up phones and tablets.

Battery packs are incredibly useful for keeping your gadgets charged when they’re running low on juice. But what about your laptop? MacBook users can pick up the HyperJuice, but it requires a little...

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You’ll want the 20400mAh if you want to charge your 15.4 inch AppleAAPL +0.72% Macbook Pro, as the max power output of the 13600 is 65W. The 20400mAh puts out 100W. You’re thinking right now, how am I plugging my Macbook Pro into a USB port on a portable battery?

I was going to attempt to write this review without mentioning Pokémon GO, but I just did. You want to be the best Pokémon GO trainer in the universe? Well,...

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Imagine a smart power bank that can charge your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your camera, your TV or any other gadget you want. The Omnicharge is exactly that device, and this portable charger is well worth your attention if you can afford its high price.

Imagine a smart power bank that can charge your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your camera, your TV or any other gadget you want. The Omnicharge is exactly that device,...

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Is it true? Can you really extend the life of the battery on your Wacom MobileStudio Pro, Cintiq Companion, Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple iPad Pro? The Omnicharge claims it can. I'll review the Omnicharge Omni 20 hands-on with my Cintiq Companion 2 and we'll see if it lives up to the hype!

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The AC/DC outlet gives the device the flexibility to charge not only phones and other mobile device, but also laptops, cameras, small home appliances — pretty much anything you would normally need to plug into a wall outlet.

Congratulations to Omnichage for earning our Best Accessory of CES 2017 award. In addition to the the typical USB charging ports found on most similar devices, this handy portable powerbank...

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