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Originally an Indiegogo project, Omni 20 USB-C features four ports, two USB-C and two USB-A, and a capacious 20,100 mAh battery cell for juicing up laptops, smartphones, digital cameras and more.

Startup Omnicharge was at CES on Monday to show off its latest product, the Omni 20 USB-C, a portable power USB-C bank capable of outputting up to 100 watts of...

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Omnicharge will have some of its key products on display including its on-the-go portable chargers Omni ACOmni 20Omni 20 USB-C and Omni Power Station.

Visitors to Omnicharge's booth #1447 can enter a 3pm daily chance to win an Omni 20 charger. Omnicharge announced today it will be exhibiting at the Future of Education Technology Conference...

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With its suite of offerings already powering up over 50 universities, Omnicharge is making power no only more accessible but efficient for all users. In these on-the-go portable chargers, people can charge any device, any time, anywhere. 

Omnicharge Powers Up at The 2018 FETC Conference Activating Power One Device At A Time With Its Suite of Solution Products Los Angeles, CA - January 23, 2018 -  Omnicharge,...

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Omnicharge’s suite of products, which is already powering over 50 universities, is making power more accessible as well as efficient for all industries. With these portable chargers, people can charge any device, any time, anywhere. 

Omnicharge to Exhibit at The 2018 BETT Conference Alongside Its UK Tech Distributor Exertis, Omnicharge to Display Its Full Product Line Los Angeles, CA - January 24, 2018 -  Omnicharge,...

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Not only does it charge your devices, you also can actually see on the OLED display (seen next to the power button in the above picture) exactly how much of a charge you have left (percentage and time), what capacity you’ve been using the electricity in the Omnicharge, the temperature of the battery, and more. If you need to give your power bank more battery life, you can plug it in while it’s charging other things because of it’s capability for pass-through charging.

This USB-C power bank by Omnicharge is the answer to your charging needs when the most basic of power banks aren’t going to cut it. Omnicharge, originally an Indiegogo project...

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The Omni 20 has two USB-C and two USB Type-A ports. It can output 100 watts total from its two USB-C ports simultaneously (max 60W from each one) via Power Delivery (PD) 2.0 support, and recharge its internal batteries at a maximum of 45W total from either port or both ports at once. It also can push up to 15W from both its Type-A ports and at the same time.

There’s nothing on the market like the Omni 20 USB-C, a sturdy and well-designed charging pack that has a 73 watt-hour (Wh)/20100 millampere-hour (mAh) capacity. Unfortunately, its particular set of features...

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