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Omni Charge Omni 20 – There plenty of mobile power banks out there, but few have the Omni20’s huge 20,400 mAh capacity and a standard electrical socket with a 100 watt output power that allows travelers to plug in and charge items like a laptop.

Holiday shopping is hard. You want to be thoughtful and to get the ones you love something they’ll treasure; something they’ll actually use — but you also don’t want it to take,...

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It seems as if just about every device we carry with us on our outdoor excursions these days comes equipped with rechargeable batteries. From headlamps to GPS navigational tools to...

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The Omni 20 packs in 20400mAh worth of power, if you need to visualise how big that capacity is, then it’s roughly around 20 of the Sony Alpha FW-50 batteries, or if you’re used to the bigger Sony BP batteries, its roughly around 4 of the BP-U60s (the medium sized ones of the range). It takes roughly around 2 hours to fully charge the Omni 20, and whilst charging it can of course still output power. All in all, it’s plenty of juice to have in your kit bag in a relatively sleek and compact housing.

There are many third-party battery and power solutions on the market, most of which have been designed to be used with your camera or accessories – think v-lock batteries with...

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