As the educational landscape is being reshaped by technological change, a smart campus has become an emerging trend among innovative institutions. The concept of a smart campus serves as a solid foundation for the evolution of flexible learning environments, improved education standards, and better student achievements.

But how can a university transform into a smart campus?

Getting Started with Transformation into Smart Campus

The process is not a sprint but is more akin to a marathon. While time-consuming, it also requires designing a complex strategic framework.

First off, it’s important to make a smart campus assessment to measure campus readiness and identify potential roadblocks and gaps – like inconsistent connectivity, lack of integration among tools, etc.

Another step involves defining technology areas that are the most essential to your campus goals. It could be smart student administration, connected operational systems, or improved data analytics. Depending on the goals, universities should prioritize projects and initiatives.

Some of the areas that can serve as a great starting point on the path to a smart campus include reliable connectivity throughout the campus, connected operational systems, smart power distribution, academic services based on smart technology, and flexible spaces.

How Can Portable Power Solutions Advance Migration to a Smart Campus?

Omnicharge products facilitate improvements in a few key areas on a smart campus journey.

For example, the smart flexible power system by Omnicharge greatly contributes to the creation of flexible learning spaces.

Our enterprise-grade power solutions allow schools to reconfigure spaces both indoors or outdoors, extend learning outside classrooms, and react to new requirements, such as social distancing, online and offline learning, etc.

Following the implementation of Omni charging stations, schools, among other things, have achieved improved collaboration, provided more personalized learning, and seen better student engagement – while ensuring seamless access to the smart devices used in the classroom and anywhere on campus.

Apart from allowing greater flexibility and enhancing student experience, Omni power stations boost operational efficiency and help conserve energy and resources.

The meaningful data received through the Omni Smart Center relates to both the station and venue activities. It allows for the responsive intervention of administrators who can improve students’ access to power, maximize station usage, and avoid wasted resources.

Administrators can also track the checkout activities and ensure the battery packs are returned on time and in a proper manner.

Thus, our products cater to the generation of Digital Natives who care about being mobile and staying connected anywhere on campus. They also address the need for continual technological improvement, enhanced operational efficiencies, and data gathering and analysis. All of these factors are prerequisite for a smart campus.

By Omni Team


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